About Us

Kool Tack was originally developed in 1998 to address the excessive heat requirements to drymount. Photos and artwork were damaged due to the higher temperatures. Out of this development came a number of additional features that went into Kool Tack becoming the most widely used throughout the world.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

We are a company that deals with wholesalers, but we want to make sure all of their clients are taken care of as well!


Kool Tack is dedicated to producing the highest quality drymount boards for the framing industry. By listening to the needs of the customer, to develop meaningful products that will help the framer to become more efficient and profitable.


Developed in 1998 to address the high heat required to dry mount, we continue to strive to make it better and easier for consumers to be able to drymount easily and affordably.


We work hard to show our values in everything that we produce. Our drymount boards are the best in the business and we want to help you to succeed.